Les Entreprises J. Piccioni Inc. has worked in the field of snow removal for more than 30 years. A vast majority of our experience has been acquired by serving the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, with the addition of the Montreal PET airport for over a decade.

Our priority during snow removal operations is customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of timely, effective snow removal service. As a result, we develop a strategy regarding the needs of and with respect to business hours of our clients. This is facilitated by our extensive list of snow removal equipment.

We offer various contract options depending on requested services, such as: Snow removal at specific locations and/ or the spreading of abrasive, salt, stone, Urea and/ or Safeway, transportation and carting of snow to authorized snow dumps (on or off site), etc.

To request a quote for your business, please contact us. We will evaluate your request and discuss the various options available.

    Industrial Snow Removal