The following is an overview of services offered by Les Entreprises J. Piccioni Inc. Our skilled and experienced team offers high quality services, particularly in the field of civil engineering, including; Excavation, storm sewer systems, and concrete and asphalt paving. Whether for a fixed price, budget price, hourly rate or a turnkey project, we remain attentive to the needs of our clients and value the importance of respecting schedules and deadlines.

Range of services offered in all business sectors:

  • Structural and slab on grade concrete repairs
  • Saw cut and demolition of existing slab on grades, carting of debris, and removal of pyrite
  • Supply and construction of concrete basins for such uses as: Water retention basins, pulp and paper printing presses, pump installations, cooling towers, storage tanks, base generators, compressed air tanks, dust collectors, etc.
  • Supply and installation of recessed metal floor rails
  • Excavation and backfill of plumbing lines below grade, exterior or interior
  • Excavation, installation, and backfill of exterior fire lines (fire hydrants and PIV valves)
  • Concrete restoration of concrete pools
  • Application of Sika products (cement membranes, epoxy floor copping, etc.)
  • General excavation (interior, exterior)
  • Construction and reparation of exterior sidewalks and concrete curbs
  • Modification and installation of exterior storm sewer and drainage systems
  • Parking lot expansion, excavation, backfill, compaction, supply and installation of asphalt, paving, etc.
  • Landscaping, paving stones, construction of retaining walls (all hard landscape)
  • Reconstruction of concrete stairs and balconies
  • Fire protection (Inspection, Installation, Interior fire line sprinklers, Extinguishers, alarms and 24/7 service)

    Business sectors

    For all these years in business, the company has had to work for a large number of customers operating in differentspheres of activity. The company and its employees have acquired notable experience  in each project, to carry outspecialized work in the following areas:

    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Institutional
    • Résidential

    Our Services